About us

LIGHT FRAME - is a brand established within the POSIADALO organization, which:

  • comprehensively approaches the needs of customers, and thus implements the individual needs of contractors, from the concept of the client to the implementation of the idea for light steel structures
  • thanks to the possibility of joining and processing steel elements, it supports the development of other brands, ie GLADIO, ECOHEAVY, BE & TON.


in terms of:


1. Individual approach to the client, thus transferring the client's vision to the implementation of the concept.


2. Professional assistance of the ENGINEERING AND IMPLEMENTATION DEPARTMENT in:


  • concept development and optimization, prototyping,
  • 2D and 3D design and 3D printing, preparation of technical documentation,
  • CE marking, user manual, EC declaration of conformity.


3. Performances:


  • metalworking, including: welding, cutting, bending, machining, milling, grinding, turning, drilling, galvanizing, powder coating, anodizing,
  • assembly


4. Delivering the finished product to the customer.


THE ENVIRONMENT - we care in every step of our business activity

In each of our 4 production plants, we undertake a number of concepts related to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We ensure a sustainable future by focusing our activities in 3 areas ...

Since 2003 POSIADALO Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. operates according to the Quality Management System - standard ISO 9001. One of the advantages of an ISO certificate is SUSTAINABILITY. An effective Quality Management System is a response to priority challenges and will allow us to better prepare for  implementation of new opportunities.


The idea of ​​sustainable development is of great importance when planning processes related to all areas of POSIADALO activity, from production, through distribution, to recycling, and the way in which we support our clients.

The vision of sustainability is a part of the Company’s Mission. We are improving thanks to people.


Our activities are aimed at meeting the client's expectations - we strive to provide him with maximum satisfaction with the products offered, bearing in mind the least interference in the natural environment.

Supplier selection

We select suppliers and components in accordance with the principles of Sustainability. We conduct Supplier’s assessment, one of the criteria of which is the company's quality and environmental policy, and qualify suppliers.

Ecological technologies

POSIADALO products and services are designed in accordance with the principles of Sustainable Development. The production process is planned so as to minimize the negative impact on the environment. We are constantly developing new technologies and solutions to improve each production stage, including packaging, transport and storage. We manufacture products based on proprietary technologies: ECOHEAVY + and ECOHEAVYMIX.

Ecological solutions

We are constantly developing new technologies and solutions that contribute to reducing the negative impact on the natural environment. We work in original technologies:



Technology ECOHEAVY+

  • an ecological way to produce prefabricated elements - counterweights and weights,
  • no hazardous substances in the production process,
  • smooth, dust-free surface of products,
  • durability of the counterweights achieved thanks to the high strength of concrete.


Technology HEAVYMIX

  • minimizing the size of waste and its negative impact on the environment,
  • composite mixture with a cement matrix modified with polymers and slag obtained as waste from industrial processes.



  • ecological solution supporting the drainage or retention of rainwater,
  • production technology of paving slabs with the use of a specialized recipe, which allows to obtain a product with increased rainwater drainage needs,
  • high water transmission rate, i.e. up to 310 liters in 1 hour per m2.

Production process

PRODUCTS OF LOW impact on ENVIRONMENT non-emission of CO2.

NO HARMFUL EXHAUST GAS EMISSIONS TO ENVIRONMENT. Thanks to the use of electric forklifts in POSIADALO’s production plants.

Employees and workplace

We educate employees in terms of:

  • waste segregation,
  • eco-style social campaigns,
  • meetings devoted to environmental protection,
  • increasing the level of occupational health and safety through employee training.

Social responsibility business 

As a large employer in the area, we participate in the life of the local community. We are, among others sponsor of the Interschool Student Sports Club in Niewiadów, we support cultural activities for school youth, municipal and district sports campaigns.

Diversity and Integration

We are committed to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 (Gender Equality). The vision of sustainable development is included in the company's mission and the Code of Business Ethics. We create a varied, FRIENDLY and stable WORK ENVIRONMENT. We employ a team of qualified engineers, technicians, lab technicians, technologists, automation engineers, electricians, equipment maintenance technicians, programmers and IT specialists. As a family business, we build a friendly atmosphere so that everyone feels good in our company. We assume that in POSIADALO, all employees should be treated and treat others with respect and dignity.

Development opportunity 

We focus on the professional development of our employees. We appreciate EFFORT and reward our employees. We select the employee of the month and the brigade of the month, we grant monthly bonuses. We focus on INVESTMENTS IN STAFF and searching for new TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS. We achieve this goal thanks to the series of TRAININGS, which, by improving the qualifications of employees, translate into a team commitment to the creation of the highest QUALITY products and the search and implementation of new technological projects.

Environment and surrounding

 Pollution prevention

ENVIRONMENTAL GOALS are a very important element of our business strategy. We systematically strive to:

reducing the consumption of natural resources, 

reducing the environmental impact,

increasing the environmental awareness of employees. 

Ruls of 3R 

We offer our clients solutions that allow to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment, as well as reduce the costs associated with printing documents. We promote an environmentally healthy lifestyle according to the ruls of 3R. Applying the 3R during the production process minimizes water consumption and the amount of waste generated during production.


  • Reduce:

we gave up plastic bags and replaced them with paper packaging,

– we systematically reduce the amount of plastic used in production and during storage, among others stretch films, adhesive tapes, dividers, pouches, etc.


  • Reuse:

– we use: recycled folders, ecological pens, we print on recycled paper,

– we give a second life to products, passing them on to the needs of others by organizing collections among employees of POSIADALO


  • Recycle:

– we segregate garbage,

– we donate money from the disposal of plastic caps to charity.


Our impact on the planet


- üwaste from the production of prefabricated concrete elements is recycled and processed into CONSTRUCTION AGGREGATE,

- üfor the production of counterweights, we use metallurgical waste, which we process so that it can be reused in production as a safe raw material.

We operate in such way to minimize the harmful effects on the natural environment without compromising the functioning of the plant in the production process and the quality of products, which we implement through:

successively increasing the mass of processed waste in the production process,

rational water and sewage management,

waste minimization,

rational management of energy and raw materials,

optimization of water consumption,

increasing the awareness and ecological knowledge of employees,

ongoing verification of the compliance of the company's activities with the currently applicable environmental protection regulations.